Sun Aqua Farms North Abington Township, PA

A little about us

We are a family owned, family run farm located in North Abington Twp., Pennsylvania. We grow hydroponic basil year-round and sell it fresh to local and regional businesses in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states.

Sun Aqua Farms is GFSI certified and is a member of PA Preferred, a Pennsylvania run initiative that ensures that consumers get the highest quality Pennsylvania products — whether they shop in a major retail store or a farmer’s market.

See About Sun Aqua for more information.

Our Basil

We take great pride in growing our award winning basil which we believe to be the largest, freshest live basil that you can find in the retail market. The genovese basil that we grow is a perennial customer favorite and is grown and delivered all year round.

This is the type of basil used often in sauces and salads. Check out some great recipes here.